Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Itsy Bitsy 'ino

After all that goodness at Motorino, we took off on a brisk 1.5 mile walk to get some hunger back so we could eat at 'ino, which happens to be teeniest, tiniest place I've ever eaten. The whole restaurant is about the size of my dorm room in college. We managed to slide into seats at the bar and ordered a bottle of Le Rose di Regaleali Sicilia, which quickly turned into two bottles of said wine. Apparently the walk was further than we thought. The waitress didn't have a cold bottle, so she had to go to the basement to get ice. For only seating less than 20 people, this place was serving A TON of wine.

Steeped aperitifs and the entirety of their beer selection. Told ya it was small!

A quick perusal of the menu showed mostly bruschetta and panini sandwiches, so we decided to try a selection of the crostini. We got a Sweet Pea & Pecorino, Pesto & Taleggio (my favorite) and a Prosciutto & Fig. The Pesto & Taleggio was creamy and tangy. The only knock is that they didn't toast the bread, but I guess that's the case when the kitchen is the size of a small walk-in closet. We were pretty full at this point and occupying about 20% of the seating at 'ino, so we decided to head to Gramercy Tavern for a drink. We walk outside, it's dark, but it's still about 95 degrees and I feel like a pizza being cooked on a stone!

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